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Hi, my name is Laura

I'm a professional singer & tutor from Coventry, and i'm here to help nurture young voices



Creativity lives at the very heart of my life and since the age of 7 I have been heavily involved in expressive art. I started out having violin and dance lessons, and then when I hit my teenage years I became increasingly fascinated by the vocal instrument. I really wanted to sing! So I did. Many years of practice, plus endless good (and not-so-good) live performance experiences, have all shaped me into a well-rounded and resilient musician. It brings me proudly to this point today where I can call myself a full-time professional singer, voice tutor and eternal music student!


You never stop learning music, that's what makes it so exciting, and all teachers need a teacher! My voice is constantly evolving because I keep researching, training, listening and learning. The sound I make today v's the sound I made a year ago is very different. I have a GCSE in Music, an A-Level in Theatre Studies, plus qualifications in Violin & Dance. Sure, formal qualifications are great and all but nothing compares to real-life experience. Music is a collaborative and expressive art form and Music Tree Tuition celebrates individual development over rigid assessment.

Musical Marriage

I can't talk about myself without mentioning my talented husband, Luke.
Luke and I live very musical lives in a very musical household, with very forgiving neighbours. We've decades of professional performance experience between us and for the past 4 years we've entertained together as professional Wedding & Party act, The Love Rats Duo. When we are not playing music, we are teaching music. My music studio, Music Tree Tuition, is based upstairs and Luke's music studio, Tetlow Music Tuition, is based downstairs. He provides 1:1 Contemporary Drum & Guitar tuition to all age groups (7+).


I’m delighted to welcome you to my Music Tree Tuition teaching studio; a bright, clean, kid-friendly environment intentionally designed to help students feel safe, happy and inspired. 

It was very important for me to create a calming and cheerful space that would benefit both myself and my students. The most powerful tool to help me achieve this was my use of ‘colour’ within the studio interior. Colours impact us in different ways, effecting our mood & behaviour, so it was essential that I selected colours that would give my studio the right feel. My nature-themed colour scheme consists of green, white and yellow, and for good reason… Dark green symbolises nature, growth & safety and is also said to be the most relaxing colour for the human eye to view. White represents light, simplicity & possibility, and yellow is the colour of sunshine, hope & happiness. Together, these colours provide the perfect backdrop for productive voice lessons.

The studio includes various learning stations, which offer lesson variety and supports the different learning styles of each student. Students can enjoy singing activities at the Tonic Sol-fa wall, use the music stand to study their songs, perform & play percussion instruments on the soft rug and sit at the desk to write in their workbooks.


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