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My daughter Eva is thoroughly enjoying her singing lessons with Miss Laura! It was a passion she had for a while and Laura has been wonderful in nurturing that passion. There is great communication between myself and Laura and she has been very helpful, knowledgeable and informative. My daughter looks forward to her lessons and they are a perfect combination of fun and learning. She has learnt new songs, skills, techniques and terminology. This has been supported and encouraged through Laura’s positive and enthusiastic attitude. She shows genuine care and interest in Eva’s learning and it is clear to see Laura is tremendously talented herself and loves what she does. I would absolutely recommend Laura to anyone who is thinking about singing lessons in Coventry for their little one!

Music Tree Tuition
Donna Cowley
- Supportive Mum to a beautiful little singer


Hello! I‘m Laura and i’m so excited you’ve found Music Tree Tuition, offering singing lessons in Coventry.

It’s my belief that a voice education, without a musical education, is like a tree with weak roots. It deserves all the right elements for the best chance of success in life. Just like our little folk.

My Introductory Voice Lessons, embrace a play-based, comprehensive music curriculum that rewards young singers with a solid foundation of essential musical skills, helping them grow into skilled, resilient & happy musicians.


Not only will your little singer explore their own voice, but they will also learn the basics of writing, reading, listening, playing, moving & even signing to music… & all whilst having fun! 

To keep young singers engaged, my lessons offer a variety of play-based & multi-sensory activities, enjoyed at various learning stations & presented at a pace appropriate to the students individual needs


1:1 Dedicated Tuition

'Time' is our most precious commodity and the single most important gift you can give. Investing in private singing lessons means your child will have the time they deserve to learn at a pace most suited to them.

Seasonal Showcase

Fun & informal concerts are an excellent opportunity for our little stars to celebrate their progress. Live performance builds confidence, teaches self reliance and creates lasting happy memories!

Grow with Music Tree Tuition

Enjoy watching your child grow into a confident, knowledgeable & capable musician as they progress through the Full Voice workbooks series! From Introductory Level to Level Three, i've got their school years covered!




(when you join Music Tree Tuition!)

Full Voice workbooks are a music literacy curriculum developed by voice experts, and embraced in classrooms, all over North America.  

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to be able to share this amazing resource with my own students during our singing lessons in Coventry.

Concepts are introduced slowly, patiently and with plenty of review to help build confidence and encourage musical and vocal skills. 


How music lessons can benefit young children...

Stimulates the brain and improves memory

Repeated use of the ‘memory muscle’ is one of the biggest benefits of singing. Remembering lyrics and learning timing teaches the brain to handle lots of tasks, improving mental agility

Teaches critical thinking and listening

Singing songs gives children the opportunity to interpret lyrics and explore different themes, inspiring them to discuss and explain choices and experiences.

Builds confidence & boosts self-esteem

Allowing children to explore their voice, through fun, and at a pace suited to them, encourages confident performance and self belief.

Supports creative expression

Singing is a limitless outlet for creative, self expression. It gives children the freedom to explore their voice & develop their identity and individuality.

Helps manage nerves

Live performance teaches children how to manage their nerves when they become the centre of attention, helping them focus on the task in hand.

Develops fine motor skills

Singing songs with actions, matching a note with a hand sign, writing music notes, or playing percussion with both hands all help to improve children's motor skills.

Develops physical skills

Music and movement are connected. Exploring the vocal instrument through full body activities (clapping, tapping, speaking, and singing) helps the body and mind work together.

Reduces stress & improves sleep

Research has shown that music can reduce anxiety & even pain, as well as improve mood, mental alertness and sleep quality.

Increases academic performance

Not all of us are academics, but music study can certainly give a helping hand. Music activates both the left and right area of brain at the same time maximizing learning potential.

Lifelong Learning & exciting opportunities

Just imagine what incredible opportunities children may have with a broad and transferable range of musical skills.

Improves reading skills & increases vocabulary

Music gives us the chance to sing words both fast and slow. Slowing words down helps children improve their reading skills. Speeding words up helps with speech development.

Introduces children to other languages

Singing new words rather than just saying new words actually makes them easier to remember. So singing is a fantastic way to learn new languages.

Encourages children to have FUN!

If you are laughing, you are learning! That's why play-based learning is incredibly effective when teaching children music. A happy child is more relaxed, engaged & retains far more information.

Improves behaviour and concentration

Singing teaches children self-discipline, patience, resilience and time-management skills. It improves their ability to focus on a task for longer periods, how to perform to an audience and how to cope when things don’t always go how they’d like.

Develops breathing

Singing helps children breathe more deeply than many forms of arduous exercise, improving their aerobic capacity. Controlled breathing also helps to calm nerves and releases muscle tension.

Helps overcome shyness

Some children are very shy and fearful of speaking out in a group. 1:1 voice lessons are a wonderful way to patiently build vocal confidence and therefore reduce shyness.

Singing releases endorphins, the brain's 'feel-good' chemicals

When children discover that music has the ability to make them feel good they can use music as a source of comfort and inspiration for building their self-confidence.

Feel more fulfilled with a sense of real achievement

Learning new songs and music skills gives a real sense of accomplishment and through singing, all children can feel successful.

Music Tree Tuition 30 Day Money Back Guarentee


"I guarantee that you'll love it or I'll give you your money back!"

I only want you to continue your tuition if you love it.  Try out my monthly subscription packages risk free. If by the end of the first month you haven’t enjoyed your singing lessons in Coventry, let me know and I will refund your subscription money. (If your membership includes any bonuses, your refund will deduct the value of goods that were delivered to you.)


2021/22 Academic Year:
Lessons begin:
Mon 4th Oct'21 - Fri 22nd Jul '22

Introductory Voice Lessons

(£900 divided evenly by 9 months)
£ 100 per month
  • 35 weekly 1:1 lessons
    (45 mins per lesson)
  • Springtime Showcase
  • Dedicated teacher who believes & invests in your child
  • FREE! Introductory Level workbook
  • FREE! Music Tree Tuition Tshirt
  • FREE! Pencil Case (incl pencil, rubber & sharpener)
  • FREE! Tote Bag
  • FREE! Water Bottle

Hidden costs? NO!

There are no hidden costs. A modest annual £25 fee has already been built into your investment, helping to cover the cost of all materials required for students during the year, i.e backing tracks, sheet music, theory worksheets, workbooks, paper & ink etc.

Hidden benefits? YES!

The cost of your lessons is more than just the 45 minute instruction. Included in your fees are lesson planning & preparation, music research, personalised vocal music resources & fees associated with concerts. Also included are new technologies, educational music software subscriptions, never-ending professional development, plus my many years of singing expertise.

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